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Ukrainian MP: Putin Will Not Stop At Ukraine, Would Go Into Eastern Poland

Ukrainian MP Inna Sovsun details her experiences during the Russian invasion of Ukraine and why she is hopeful for more military aid for the Ukrainian forces.

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Ukrainian MP: Putin Will Not Stop At Ukraine, Would Go Into Eastern Poland
Tom Voelker : “There is nothing left that is human in him.” I find this so poignant and true.
Simon Pannett : Reason that Ukraine needs to win as otherwise the truth will never be told! Send more Drones and Operators that can use roads not airports! Slava Ukraini!
Christine Robinson : Absolutely correct. If we do not stop him and turn him back from Ukraine, he will continue on into Poland. And we will have lost a potential ally and Nato member.
Maryam Dadar : Precisely. Just as Hitler said he would “only” conquer the Sudetenland — but then followed that by invading Poland. Like him: Putin won’t stop.
02bher1 : Fear is a weapon; courage the armor; solidarity the power and peace the prize.

Fort Knox soldiers deployed to Eastern Europe in support of NATO allies

About 300 soldiers from Fort Knox's Victory Corps are being deployed to Germany and Poland to bolster U.S. Army forces in Europe. The Corps already has soldiers stationed at an operational command post in Poznan, Poland, but the Army said last week it is deploying the Corps' main headquarters to Europe as well.\r
Story: https://www.whas11.com/article/news/national/military-news/kentucky-fort-knox-soldiers-head-to-eastern-europe-poland-ukraine-russia/417-4f900aa6-12f4-4a79-9306-bd903a61e8b3\r
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Marc Wareham : May they all return safe to their families having been successful in defeating Putin!
jee cee : Msm:Orange man bad
Msm:Biden good uncle joe.. #MSMFakenewsLEGACY
ICLite3 : Shame on you. WAY TO DIS GOD HEATHENS.
gokaren : Let Ukraine fight their own damn conflicts. They had 30 years to prepare.

At Least 700 Indian Students Are Stuck In Eastern Ukraine

Hundreds of Indian students are trapped in eastern Ukraine, holed up in universities for cover and even melting snow for drinking water as they are desperate for supplies. NBC News’ Zinhle Essamuah has more on their fight for a safe escape. 

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#Ukraine #Russia #India
Green Leafy Cabbage : Hang on in there brothers. Stay safe. Don't go out on the streets looking for something. Stay low as possible. Prayers from Philippines
Phil Sarazen : Safe passage corridors to Russia and Belarus are fine if there are international peacekeepers, food, and transportation for everyone that wishes to go elsewhere, when they reach safe zones. Similar safe zones for pro-Russian supporters in NATO countries should also be established. If these corridors and safe zones were managed by Chinese peace keepers, with other international peacekeepers, who both sides wish to curry favor to, it would not be in Russia's or Ukraine’s interest to attack them. If both leaders openly voiced this policy, and this message from both leaders sent to people's cell phones as an alert message, there may be the odd breakdown but they would be rare. A Russian separatist commander was killed during a humanitarian mission by Ukrainian forces. To prevent things like this occurring on both sides, whenever either side engages in humanitarian efforts they should be monitored by zoom. This data can be sent to all forces in the area. We have a marvelous new communications technology, let’s use it, especially since Musk is on board with his satellite tech.
No Name : This appeal of mine is primarily addressed to the representatives of NATO, the OSCE, the UN, who verbally worry so much about world peace.

All the last few days you have been talking only about the humanitarian corridor for civilians. .and when Russia organized and provided such an opportunity, the Bandera people do not allow not only local residents, but even foreigners to exercise this right. .at the same time, they turned the settlements into their personal shelters, placed air defense systems on the roofs of houses, and made hostages out of defenseless people, hiding behind their backs. Of course, it is not profitable for the Nazis to release the inhabitants. After all, they use them as a human shield.

.every day I don’t understand more and more how today’s Ukraine can be considered a civilized state, and the formations that rattling weapons can be considered military personnel? These are real bandits who do not disdain the methods of terrorists. They are worse than the terrorists operating in Iraq, Syria, Libya.

.if Zelensky cannot organize an evacuation even for a group of foreign citizens, then what kind of president is he? After all, he is primarily responsible for them. .Ukraine is a European country rushing to join international organizations, and Zelensky does not care at all about the citizens of European countries and the rest of the world.

This fact already clearly shows that he is not a president at all, but a real puppet in the hands of Bandera, Nazis and devils. .Therefore, I appeal to the aforementioned international organizations and the coalition: intervene in the situation with your people, otherwise the responsibility for their future lies with you.
I warn you, Russia will not be to blame for the likely disastrous consequences. .Russia has made every effort to help people, and is helping them in those territories that have been liberated.

In any case, we will carry out the order and finish off Bandera. But Zelensky, the Government of Ukraine, the Rada, the Armed Forces of Ukraine - all representatives of the army and government should think carefully again. .if you have even a little bit of reason and humanity left, then change your mind and let the foreigners and your compatriots out. Let them go to a safe place. Do not apply for at least two days to alcohol, leave drugs and devote one sober day to understanding your behavior. .otherwise your actions are fraught with disaster.
Occif : India had on Sunday Feb 20th asked its citizens studying in the educational institutions in Ukraine to leave the country temporarily in view of the “continued high level of tension and uncertainties”.

These people took a risk and are now paying for it because they didn't listen.




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