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Casio PRW 2500 ProTrek (module 3258) review & tutorial - guide on how to setup timing functions

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A review and tutorial on how to setup and use regular watch functions. Clicking on the time codes will jump to that part of the video.
Table of content:
00:01 Review – About the watch
09:28 Home Screen
10:15 Auto Light function
11:34 Adjusting time, date, DST, Power Save, etc.
18:01 Alarm and Hourly Chime function
19:30 Stopwatch function
20:21 Countdown Timer with Yachting Timer function
22:31 World Time function
23:02 R/C Screen – Auto and manual Atomic time reception

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Casio ProTrek PRW-2500-1ER Unboxing and Review


Its finally here, a quick unboxing of the new Casio Pro Trek.
Shoutout to
for their excellent service with my other G-Shock.

Casio Pro Trek 2500T Video Watch Review

James Stacey reviews the Casio Pro Trek 2500T for, full review with text and photos here:\r
Editors Note/Correction: Only the bracelet on this model is titanium, the case is a plastic resin with a matched finish.




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