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FILV - BALENCIAGA (Y3MR$ Remix) Lyrics

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grandmasterauto : I'm doing a 180 in my Toyota Corolla while listening to this track. Have a grand day!
Aydin : The only song I can sing without worrying about forgetting the lyrics lmao
aaronrhodes_ : The best part is when she says: “Cigarettes and tiny liquor bottles, just what you expect inside her new Balenciagas”
Mattia Gatti : I love deep, long, and meaningful lyrics. Nonetheless, I wouldnt underestimate this one. I’m Italian but I had enough time abroad, and especially in UK to relate to these verses. When the words start I immediately imagine a young and beautiful english girl on her saturday night out with her friends. All dressed up and with red lipstick, ready to let tiny liquor bottles and cigarettes pop out from her balenciaga’s purse. Sometimes “less is more”, even in music.
samuel sujeeth : Hatsoff to the dedication of this video editor. Synced every line, where they can just put the whole song in one paragraph...

Balenciaga Clones Spring 22 Collection

Spring 22 Collection
Video by Quentin Deronzier
Music by BFRND


Hannah Nilsen : Awsome! now put it on spotify so i can hear it on repeat forever!!
Mila Vucheva : I love this song i cant get it out of my head keep up the amazing work!
Lily Smith : Omg you can never get bored of this people. How can you get bored of this, it's a whole 1 line song, It's amazing!
Golden freddy Soul name Cassidy : I love this song i`ve been looking all over for this song i LOVE IT <3
C̥ͦr̥ͦe̥ͦḁͦm̥ͦy̥ͦ♡︎♥︎ : Me on my way to a different city:
Ima listen to this bootiful masterpiece:>




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