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[보스턴 일상] 석류청 만들기 / Korean Pomegranate Tea Syrup (Ko-Pom)

Korean Pomegranate syrup (석류청, Pomegranate chung) is one of the essential condiments in Korean kitchen. We use it to make hot tea, cold Pom-Ade, and Pomegranate sauce for a various dishes.

Are you suffering with a mean cold and need something to sooth your throat? No problem! You can make a glass of hot pomegranate tea in no time with this Korean pomegranate syrup. Just add some hot water.

Thirsty? Make a glass of cold refreshing Pom-Ade with this Korean Pom syrup. Carbonated water or plain ice water is all you need. It only takes 10 seconds to whip up the cool refreshing pom-ade. How simple is that?
#Korean #tea #pomegranate
생고맹고Sango Mango : 석류청이라니... 저도 도전해보고 싶어요!!
Sooyeon Park : 이번 영상에서는 셰프님의 모습이 보이지 않네요

[살림정리] SUB) 석류청만드는법 with 석류청에이드,석류차

집에서 생활을 많이 하는 우리 주부들은 항상 집에서 커피나 티백차를 많이 마시게 되는것 같아요.
가끔은 커피 말고 다른 차도 생각날때를 위해 오늘은 석류청 만들어봤어요.

1년에 한번 정도 만드는 석류청이지만...
만들때마다 석류까기는 익숙치않아 어설프고 헛점투성이에요...^^
석류알맹이 분류 해내는 작업 또한 만만치 않은 일이지만...
나와 내 가족이 건강함을 먹을수 있는다는 생각에 열심히 하게 되는것 같아요.

이번에도 석류까는방법은 숙제로 남기고... 석류청 만들고 난 후의 뿌듯함으로 올 1년도 맛있고 건강하게 석류차로..석류에이드로 많이 마셔줘야겠어요~

시청해주셔서 감사합니다.
서은영 : 맛있겠네요..... 한번 만들어서 먹고 싶네요.... 잘 보고 갑니다.
Orca오르카 : 석류청 만드는데 정성이 대단하세요.
하나하나 까기가 ㅎ ㅎ
차갑게도 따뜻하게도 아주 건강에 좋은 차인거 같아요.
이미숙 : 마침석류가 많았는데..ㅎㅎ만들어놓으면 기간은 얼마나 될까요
신희경 : 석류4개에 설탕 얼만큼하나요
sleepyfwish : Question \(*'▽'*)> did you put them in the fridge while aging them?

All NEW doTERRA Yarrow | Pom Essential Oil

Glow from the inside out, with doTERRA's all new Yarrow/Pom Essential oil!

Yarrow essential oil is has a sweet, herbaceous, and slightly floral aroma that is used to soothe stress and uplift the mind. Yarrow|Pom is a nourishing combination of Yarrow essential oil and Pomegranate seed oil. Suitable for internal and topical use, Yarrow|Pom is a precise blend that works synergistically and maximizes the benefits of this powerful oil. When taken internally, Yarrow|Pom is a powerful support for healthy immune function, cellular health, metabolism, and nervous system.

Yarrow|Pom offers many benefits to the skin. This active botanical revitalizes aging skin when applied topically. Taken internally it may help to activate skin-protecting proteins that inhibit elasticity breakdown and promote collagen production.* It can be added to your skin cleanser or applied directly to promote the look of healthy, clean, and clear skin. Thanks to its skin smoothing and emollient qualities, this essential oil makes an excellent addition to massage oil, hair treatments, facial cleanser, and skincare preparations. To soothe tension, add a few drops to your favorite carrier oil to help create a soothing massage experience.

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#doterra #doterraessentialoils #doterrayarrowpom
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donaspisak : I love that you can mix the yarrow pom with the antiaging lotion and take a drop in a capsule working with it on the outside as well as the inside simultaneously.
Essential Oil Stories : I am really enjoying this new essential oil combo now available to us. Thank you so much!
Sonja Ortiz : This product came out with so much hype. I've been waiting for an up to date mid year review about favorable results. Anyone?
Ryan Posen : My roommate and I can hardly wait for our twinning bottles !! Yyasssss
Coffee with Thindy : Beautiful!




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