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가요무대 30주년 특집 [가요힛트쏭] KBS 방송 (2015.11.16)

김태언 : 100년 프로그램도 있어야 하지
가요의 역사는 계속되니까요!
우리것이 좋은것이고
세계적인것 아니겠습니까!
가요무대여 영원하라
Sun Gibson : Congratulations for 가요무대 30주년! Appreciate it for sharing with "Us" who live permanently in a foreign country. 이미자 선생님 My mother & sister's Old Time Favorite!! "나그네 설움" was my brother's favorite that I heard him singing all the time while I was growing up! Missing my hometown, Gea-Chang, South Korea. <3
Kyung Hee Kim : 5년전만 해도 kbs가 국민의 애환과 위로자 였는데
작금엔 왜 이지경이 되었나
국민의 염장과 스트레스만 주는 방송
통탄할 노릇
김동건님 보니 옛날 부모님들과 월욜 가요 무대 기다리며 흥얼 거리며
같이 흥얼 거리던 그 시절이 그립구나
가요무대 사랑 제갈량tv : 가요무대 30주년 진심으로 축하드립니다.
살아생전에 가요무대 100주년을 보길 희망해 봅니다
비내리는 영동교, 선창 배경에 가요무대 3화가 살짝 나오네요
Jae Yoon KIM : 저도 가요무대를 자주 보는데 한국 전통가요의 선봉 프로그램으로 평가하고 싶습니다. 김동건 MC님과 모든 가요무대 제작진분들께 감사를 드립니다. 늘 건강하십시오. 감사합니다.

Classic Rare G-Shock 30th Anniversary Rising Red watch review

G-Shock 30th Anniversary GW-M5030A-4JR Rising Red (unboxing + review) - GW-5630 - DW-5630

This is one of the model that was released by G-Shock Japan during their 30th anniversary year. All together there were 5 modesl from the same series and all of them have similar red and gold accents which gave this a very bright and glorious appearance at the same time as well. Check the video for more thoughts and review Thanks for watching! CHEERS!

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David Austin : The gold face in incredible. I wish casio made the same color on the standard 5610 platform
Luke Anderson : Just got one from eBay....can't wait to try it on :)
HackerMMW : Do you know how this lcd is assembled with the chromatic screen?
Raged Up : yo I'm ur biggest fan I just recently subed because I was finally allowed to get a Gmail account and I love ur gw 5600vt 1jr 25th anniversary so pls can u send it me ☺
Enrique Gonzales : hay guíen. me. regale. 1. CASIO

G-Shock 35th Anniversary DW-5035D Origin Gold series watch unboxing and review

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Watch Geek : Kudos to Casio on all their models and technical inovations, but NOTHING looks and feels as good as a square.
I think it is one of the best designed watches EVER, standing shoulder to shoulder with Rolex Submariner and other icons
Mackie X : Finally the review for the DW5030 has arrived \o/

This watch was love at first sight for me! Purchased it for about 2 months now and wearing it for awhile. I like the weight on this and the etched screwback case is just a beauty. Always love the DWs with gold accents. If i may do i say , the feel on the wrist with the GW5000 is by far the best. Still nothing comes close.
Nonetheless, this is a very nice looking watch. And definitely a keeper for me :)
The band on this DW5035 is a regular band, the 444, as i have checked on other square Gs i own.
I have also checked on the Japan model for this DW5035. The bucket is also imprinted Casio Thailand :( Thus i took the international (export) model since there is no difference and is cheaper.
Sadly enough the price on this DW5035 and the Frogman have dropped substantially. Don't understand why :(

I can see you are still digging on the white Pigalle :) Seeing it appearing very regularly on your videos. Will you be putting on other colour bezel and band for a video shoot? I have still not wore mine. Just the black Pigalle. Which i am slowly favouring :)

The DW5600WB is my white watch to go to at least for now :)

Again thank you for making so many nice reviews and tutorials!

Power to gshock highfasion!!!
Kevin Wu : Hey Mr. G-Shockhighfashion man, after seeing your videos, I finally got myself my dream watch, the GA-1000. Your videos really have been a great source of information when I'm considering different models, please continue to make more great videos. Your videos have also introduced me into the G-Shock universe, for that I cannot thank you enough. Thank you!
Robert NES816 : Just picked up this watch! Its sooo nice for a basic G-Shock. Its got that classic metal build which I've been after forever, I cant get a vintage DW 5000 or DW 5600 for a decent price so I decided to buy new!
SparkyMarkyMark 23 : That DW5035D Origin Gold is a throwback 2 The DW5000C-1B came out in April 1983.




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